Group Classes for Beginners

 Group Classes
Introduction to: Guitar – Drums – Piano – Violin – Voice

Chestnut Hill Music Academy offers a series of Introductory group classes for young children. This is another way to try an instrument to see if your child is ready for private lessons.  It’s Easy, Fun, Low Pressure and inexpensive. Typically these classes consist of 4  –  thirty minute group sessions. There are between 4 and 12 students per class. Contact us for a schedule.

Beginning Guitar for Kids                                                                                  Has your child been asking about guitar?  This class is geared especially for kids.  All the basics elements of guitar playing will be introduced in one fun class. We will work on easy chords and strumming to accompany all types of music from Rock to Pop to Gospel and Country.  Then we’ll do a quick intro of note reading and playing so kids can learn what all those little dots are all about.  See if your child is ready for private lessons or just get them out of the house for a couple of nights.  Students need to have their own instrument.

Introduction to Snare Drum for Kids                                                                 Has your child been talking about playing the drums.  Now is your chance to give it a try. The snare is the centerpiece of the drum set and the main drum in a marching band.  In this fun class kids will learn how to hold the sticks, use bounces for speed and accuracy, keep a steady beat and read drum notation.  All you need is a pair of drum sticks. Students can practice at home on any hard surface if they don’t have a drum or practice pad.  This is the coolest class ever and a great intro to private lessons.

Introduction to Piano for Kids                                                                         Piano is a wonderful first instrument for children.  Easier than many,  you just press a key and it sounds great.  Plus the layout of white and black keys makes music visually understandable even to kids.  Students will learn basic piano techniques and be introduced to the concepts of rhythm, melody, chords and note reading, all through games and activities that will inspire them to grow musically and learn more!

Introduction  to Violin for Kids
Introduce your child to the world of music with this fun, interactive violin class. Students will learn basic techniques, like how to hold the instrument, fingering and  bowing.  They will also explore more musical concepts through rhythm, movement and other play-based activities.  No instrument required.

Introduction to Voice for Kids
Kids love to sing and the voice is the easiest instrument to use.  It’s a great
way to express yourself and build confidence. Kids will learn about enunciation, breath control, posture and projection.  We will sample a variety of music from country to rock to musical theater. We may even try a bit of harmony and group singing.

Teachers for all classes are on staff at Chestnut Hill Music Academy under the supervision of director Mickey Leone