We offer lessons on all Instruments

CHMA is a complete music training center offering lessons on various days and times to suit your busy family schedule. We are open from 3:00pm to 9:00pm Monday to Thursday.

“Our teacher takes the time to brief me about what they worked on and how my daughter is progressing. I know what to listen for during practice time and how to help her in between lessons. It’s made all the difference.” Meghan C. 

♦Guitar Guitar

Guitar is a great instrument for any age. There are guitars in sizes to fit even the youngest student that are portable, inexpensive and sounds great solo or with a band.  Our guitar teachers teach rock, blues, county, folk and classical guitar styles on electric or acoustic guitars.  Our goal is to match the student with the perfect teacher for their learning style, taste and personality. Students are encouraged to bring CDs or their iPod to their lessons to learn their favorite tunes. Beginners learn basic chords and simple songs. Students who like to sing can begin to play guitar to accompany their voice within the first few lessons. We emphasize sight reading and theory but make sure that each lesson is both challenging and fun. More info on Guitar lessons

♦Piano PianoPiano is one of the most popular instruments for beginning students. Even very young children can make a great sound by simply pressing down a key and the system of black and white notes makes understanding music easy.  Our piano teachers work in a variety of styles from classical to popular music. Whether you want to learn Beethoven and Bach or popular songs from your favorite artist our teachers can help you or your child become a real pianist. We believe in the importance of learning the fundamentals of sight reading, technique and theory but we also include lots of fun by including your favorite songs into your lesson. You do not need to have a full sized piano in your home to take lessons. A simple touch-sensitive electric keyboard is fine to get started. More info on Piano lessons

♦VoiceVoiceIf you have always wanted to be a better rock, pop, country, jazz, gospel or Musical Theater singer, then we have the right voice teacher for you. Our voice teachers focus primarily on popular music often using tried-and-true classical techniques to build the voice.   Many students want to be involved in Musical Theater. One of our specialties is preparing singers for parts and auditions. Our staff has extensive Musical Theater training and can help with both vocal quality  and character presentation.  In addition many guitar and piano players wish to develop their voices to expand their musicianship and allow them to sing and play at the same time. Voice students spend time each week doing vocalization  exercises to improve their range, breath control, projection, vibrato, tone production, enunciation and more. All voice students set goals with their teacher and often perform at the many CHMA concerts. More info on Voice Lessons

♦Drums PianoThe study of drums is a great introduction to the world of music.  The emphasis on rhythm is a perfect gateway to future musical exploration  especially for students who are  physical and kinetic by nature. At CHMA we have a great drum room overflowing with snares, tom-toms, basses, cymbals and assorted percussion gear. Two complete drum sets allow both teacher and student to work out together using both hands and feet.  Even beginners learn to keep a beat on the drum kit like a drummer in a rock band.  Students learn rudiments, stick control, drum notation and listening skills. To get started all you need  a practice pad or snare drum.

♦Violin and Strings

StringsViolin and other stinged instruments are an essential part of the programs at CHMA. Students as young as 3 may take lessons using the Suzuki Method when it is appropriate. Violins are available in a variety of sizes to suit any age student.  Classical technique is the foundation of string studies however   more advanced student can choose from a variety of styles including, jazz, pop, county and Irish fiddle tunes, 

♦Brass and Woodwinds

 Fotosearch_k9378970♦Bass and Bass Guitar


Harpharp student

Fill your home with heavenly music! Right from the beginning, you play a note and it sounds beautiful. Our harp instructor teaches both kids and adults and has experience with every type of beginner. The best age to start is 8 or 9, but some students start at age 62. Classical technique is taught, but students may pick from classical, celtic or folk music. Students usually rent small lever harps at first. No prior musical experience is necessary to start.

Ready to enroll? Give us a call at 215 233 0962 or contact us  via email by clicking here. More info