At CHMA we have an easy monthly tuition program. The monthly installment per student for a 30 minute weekly lesson is $145.00. For a 60 minute weekly lesson the installment is $260.00. In addition there is a one-time only 25.00 registration fee. This gives you, among many other benefits, a weekly private lesson on our annual schedule.  Most months you will receive 4 lessons but occasionally you may receive 5.  Families pay the same easy monthly installment towards tuition regardless of the number of lessons received.  Families love the consistency and the ease of payment.

Monthly invoices are distributed via email and payments can be made on-line with credit card or Echeck. For your convenience we can also set up an automatic recurring credit card payment so your tuition can be paid automatically each month.

Importantly, at CHMA you make no commitment and sign no contract.  Families pay on a month-to-month basis and students can discontinue lessons at any time with no penalty.

This fee includes:

-A weekly private lesson

-Unlimited makeup-lessons even with short or no notice

-Free unlimited participation in our frequent recitals and concerts.

-Twice a year parent- teacher conferences

-Access to our informative web site

-Easy payment option including on-line credit cards, auto pay and  a drop box at the school for checks.

-Unlimited access to teachers and directors to consult on your child’s progress.