Musical Theater Arts


8-10 week program

Objective-To study theatre arts and incorporate all elelments of song, dance and acting to put on producition/showcase at end of program

Students will learn:

  • Vocal, movement and dramatic exercises to warm selves up for class/auditions
  • Stage direction and how to utilize the stage
  • How to project vocally when on stage
  • Musical numbers and songs from different styles of musicals
  • How to work¬† as a cast/ensemble

 Sample schedule

Class 1 Introduction to class Warm up Lesson
Class 2 Warm up Lesson
Class 3 Warm up Lesson
Class 4 Warm up Lesson Rehearsal
Class 5 Warm up Rehearsal Rehearsal
Class 6 Warm up Rehearsal Rehearsal
Class 7 Warm up Run through Run through
Class 8 Run through Run through