Concerts and Recitals

Sax Player

One unique feature of Chestnut Hill Music Academy is our student recital and concert program.  Unlike most schools we sponsor 4 concerts per year.  Student concert fees are included in your monthly tuition and admission to family and friends is free.  The concerts are all held in St Paul’s Hall, an amazing and elegant vintage performance place hall with an arched and elevated proscenium stage and a beautiful new red velvet curtain.  Our professionally installed PA system ensures that all student performers are presented in the most impressive light. Holiday Concerts are Held in the St Paul’s Sanctuary and amazing English Gothic masterpiece

Performance at Concerts is absolutely Free to enrolled CHMA students. Students can perform as often as they like. Concert attendance is open and free to the public.  Available performance slots are limited so talk to your teacher and sign up today.

CHMA Concerts 2021-2022

St Pauls Church green & white

Because of the renovations planned at St Paul’s Church  all concerts this year will take place at Grace Lutheran Church Sanctuary 801 E Willow Grove Ave Wyndmoor 19038.  This is 1.5 miles from our school location.

Holiday Concert –   Dec 18 – Saturday – 2PM